Human is in the eye of the beholder

Human is in the eye of the beholder

Leah has locked away secrets her entire life; secrets from her friends and from her mother. To Leah they were simply quirks, little things she couldn’t explain. The darkest secret was hidden inside Leah. A secret her mother, Mia, was determined to keep silent. Trusting an old friend with her daughter’s safety, Mia kept Leah’s secret well guarded. A vow made long ago never to let the monster that took Leah’s father step foot in their daughter’s life again. In a fit of revenge fueled by years of jealousy, Mia’s secret is revealed. Leah is suddenly thrust into a world she never knew existed; a world as fascinating as it is deadly. Beings foreign to her step in to protect her. As Raine takes his place beside her, he is forced to face a few secrets of his own. Will they uncover the secrets that bind them? Will they succumb to the devil himself?

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