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Please allow me a moment to welcome you to my site. It’s truly an honor and a pleasure to have you here.

Let me start by saying I never aspired to be a writer. In fact, my ultimate goal in life was to perform. Music, lights, the stage. Singing for a stadium full of people was my dream. Nothing else in this world could make me feel as good as standing on a stage singing my heart out.

Sometimes the most wonderful dreams fade and we are fortunate enough to finally find our passion.

Now the music I love singing so much inspires me. The makeup melting lights have morphed into paper. The stroke of pencil in my hand is the choreography; deliberate and smooth. The stage is my imagination; limitless and full of twists and turns. Then, there’s the most important part, the audience. These are the people who unknowingly help me shape my characters.

Saying all that, I hope I can take my passion and lead you on a fantastic journey, an escape from reality… if only for a little while. If my characters, their stories, can touch you, make you feel happiness, pain, love or hate, I’ve done my job.

Dawn Kirby

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  1. Barbara Ezell says:

    Need a new Serenity book soon!

  2. Janet Holley says:

    I have read all the books so far including the Seven series and I love the imagination of this wonderful author. I wish that everyone could have the time and opportunity to sit and read the books by Dawn. It’s irritating that each chapter is a cliffhanger so you have to go to the next chapter but that’s what makes it the best book ever.

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